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Q: How long does an architectural rendering project typically take?

A: The timeframe varies, ranging from a few days to just over a week. More complex projects may require additional time. If you have a specific deadline, let us know in advance for schedule accommodation.


Pro Tip: Leave room for project revisions to optimize outcomes.


Q: Who is a typical 3D Linx customer?

A: 3D Linx caters to a diverse clientele, including custom home builders, realtors,

mid-sized developers, and even Fortune 500 companies. Our commitment to high-quality architectural renderings distinguishes us in a market where costs can vary widely.


Q: How much does an architectural rendering project cost?

A:Project pricing is customized based on unique specifications. Please share project details with us to receive a complimentary, tailored quote.


Q: What is needed to get started with a rendering project?

A: Generally, a set of architectural plans or engineering files is an excellent starting point. These files allow us to provide an accurate quote and initiate discussions about your project goals and expectations.


Q: What are the benefits of architectural rendering?

A: Architectural rendering offers enhanced visuals, multiple design options, increased property value, quicker sales, onsite marketing opportunities, and regulatory approval support.


Q: What is the process for an architectural rendering project?

A: The typical project involves providing plans and preferences, confirming camera angles, creating a draft, undergoing two rounds of revisions, and receiving the final high-resolution image.


Q: What rendering options are available?

A: Options include matching camera angles, time-of-day and lighting preferences, accurate landscape architecture, and customization of furnishings and fixtures.


Q: How can I achieve the best possible results with my project?

A: Include comprehensive details in your plans, provide manufacturer specs or reference images, collect feedback for each draft, and allocate sufficient time.


Q: Can you work off a provided 3D model?

A: Yes, we can work with client-provided 3D models in various formats, including SketchUp, Revit, SolidWorks, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Blender, and more.

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